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Physical point returns with everything and increases demand for architecture offices

Before an enterprise or physical point is erected, a multifaceted work enters the field and involves teams with different approaches, from the project idea, profile and where it will be implanted, to the physiognomy, colors and how it will receive the public. And this segment is also heated.

After 2020 with shelved plans or execution with severe to moderate restrictions, which caused changes in deadlines and difficulties in obtaining materials, in addition to skyrocketing prices, 2021 and 2022 register a recovery.

"The focus is on delivering the project not only in the raw architecture, but with everything thought out, with brand experience, functionalities and execution management", describes architect Gabriel Bahilli, who runs, alongside his partners, the publicist Marta Arán and architect Aglaia Cerri, Evo2b, based in Porto Alegre. "It's not just about a beautiful architectural project, it's about being viable as a business", reinforces Marta.

Projects for new supermarkets that have been multiplying, with a surge in cash and carry, involve everything from the look and management of the work to the use of technologies at the physical point. Evo2b's client portfolio includes regional chains such as Imec and Unisuper, national chains such as Pão de Açúcar, and multinationals such as Carrefour.

During the pandemic, food self-service, pharmacies and petshops generated the greatest demand. For this reason, the office, which could have felt more low demand, had to increase production capacity, which went from 25 to more than 40 professionals in 2022.

"There were 70 Petz (petshop chain), 28 wholesale and 29 new customers in general. In nine years with the company, there were 100 supermarket projects", says Bachilli.

Evo2b is a thermometer of mutations in the retail business, with the advantage that the team led by the trio is able to know the strategy of large companies beforehand.

"We are in full expansion", mentions Aglaia, reinforcing the development format in the built to suit model, where the owner of the area builds for the future occupant. The office is hired from the project study and where to place it.

"We unite architecture and design, which become part of the client's strategy", emphasizes the trio of partners. The small malls that call attention in several cities are part of the flow that knocks on the company's door. But one detail can be decisive in this profile, which are the studies to understand the local potential.

"If the client has knowledge, he can evaluate the land and what he can build (master plan), in addition to the competition in the area, to know the viability of the project", highlights Bachilli.


Source: Jornal do Comércio