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  • Environment: We are aware of the importance of our role in preserving the environment, whether in our attitudes and daily practices or in our project definitions and specifications.

    • In our day-to-day activities, we adopt practices of selective disposal of materials for recycling, as well as the constant encouragement of sustainable consumption.

    • In our projects, we adopt strategies that optimize use and maintenance, in addition to selecting materials based on durability, production process and maintenance.

  • Social: We are committed to maintaining an inclusive, diverse, respectful, principled and ethical workspace. We believe in sharing knowledge and experiences, understanding that, in addition to our internal environment, we can contribute to building a more aware society.

    • Social Responsibility: We encourage, through our design proposals, the creation of environments capable of generating a positive impact on the experience of all users, as well as printing a beneficial impact on the urban areas in which they are located. Our attitude, as economic agents, is to give back to the community as a whole the benefits of our activity.

    • Sharing: We continually seek to get involved in projects that allow us to share our expertise with the community. We are currently part of PACTO ALEGRE, a project that aims to create an innovation ecosystem in Porto Alegre, making use of public-private initiatives, cooperation and creativity, to promote an environment of investments and entrepreneurship.

  • Governance: We adopt a posture of proximity and transparency with all members of the company. We have a Career Plan with a clear methodology, systematic evaluations and feedback, ensuring proportional participation in results. As a governance strategy, we involve all team members in our Internal Committees, expanding management knowledge among all, as well as opening up space for the generation of ideas, training and participation from end to end. We maintain up-to-date Confidentiality Terms between all those involved in the production chain, including work partners and suppliers, in order to ensure the information security and integrity that our activity requires.