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our motto is to evolve with integrity and confidentiality

2010 - The brand AC - Architecture and Visual Communication is created, representing the professional history of more than 20 years of the architect Aglaia Cerri.

2013 - The company AC - Arquitetura e Comunicação Visual is founded, representing a new moment of market growth, attracting new clients, in addition to the inclusion of new partners, such as the architect Gabriel Bachilli.

2015 - The long-standing professional partnership between Aglaia Cerri and the publicist Marta Arán gives rise to a new company, ACMA – Design Visual e Comunicação, result of the need for new services . This fact transforms the AC brand into AC – Integrated Architecture. From this moment on, the sale of services begins jointly, creating architecture and management + visual design arms.

2018 - Realizing the need to EVOLVE in the presentation of companies, it was decided to unite the two brands, envisioning a future unified brand. AC+ACMA is born | Architecture and Visual Design.

2020 - We decided to EVOLVE even more, break paradigms and create a new, disruptive brand, a new identity, which translates who we are, where we want to go and that, in fact, show what we deliver to our customers.





For us, evolving means delivering our purpose.

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Create environments of well-being and belonging that increase results and productivity, through strategic layouts, efficient and innovative projects, brand appreciation, customer proximity, user engagement, enhancing the business identity, with integrity and confidentiality.

  • Integrity


    We maintain integrity in all dealings that involve us in the course of our work and relationship with customers and suppliers, as well as among our team, avoiding any and all forms of breach of decorum. Confidentiality of information comes as a basic premise for good service and good professional practices in our market.

  • Creativity


    Creativity is the most efficient mechanism for our clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors through projects that promote the evolution of their business and, with that, place us on a level of recognition for the value of our brand and the result that we deliver.

  • commitment


    The company is a feedback chain, where everyone plays a role of great importance and all are interdependent. Each one has its share of contribution in the final result and in the satisfaction of our client. Commitment is inherent in a successful company. We achieve this through a personal and emotional investment in the work we do.

  • relationship


    A good relationship must be organized beyond capacity and technical quality of work. Empathy is paramount in all work relationships, between colleagues and with clients. Only by understanding the pain of others can we propose a solution. A close and open, positive and constructive relationship should always be the golden rule for dealing with people in all situations and hierarchies.

  • Outcome of Excellence

    The result of excellence must add value. For this, our work must deliver to the customer something beyond what is expected. Our work process must show this in all execution phases and, mainly, in all direct interactions with the client. Our solution must be didactically explained, building a reality consistent with the needs and desires of all involved, generating results at the end. This construction will be realized with the living of our principles.