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    Architecture and Visual Design


    Gauchão Supermercado

  • local

    Porto Alegre, RS

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Synonymous with tradition and recognition by its customers, Gauchão Supermercado is a well-known brand in Porto Alegre. In its redesign, both brand and store, in 2016, it relied on a complete package of architecture and visual design, modifying its entire store, including new preparation areas, chambers and storage. In addition, of course, to its sales hall and façade.

The intervention in the existing building was extensive. Not only was the store renovated, it was expanded. Its roofing, closing, window frames and furniture systems were revised. The sales hall had its flow changed, in order to optimize the use of space and improve the flow of customers. With approximately 700m² of sales area, Gauchão is a reference in its perishable products and bazaar, which were especially valued in this project.

With the redesign of the brand, all institutional material was revised, with the creation of new uniforms, pricing systems, private label stamps, seasonal campaigns, among other initiatives that transform the store and brand into something unique.